The Music Wheel is an accessible musical instrument application.

This app was designed as a digital musical instrument for individuals with physical limitations to using their hands, including paralysis or paraplegia, so they can play live music. Zoom in or out on your browser to make the Music Wheel the size you wish to play. You can choose an instrument and whether a note plays on a button press (OnClick) or make a note play when it is touched by the cursor (MouseOver). Music Wheel runs a little smoother using the Firefox browser. I made this as a volunteer build on my own time and completed it as a student in the Master of Science in Human-Computer Interaction program at DePaul University, Chicago.

A sketchy drawing of three people playing music together. A woman is standing playing a flute, a man is sitting playing guitar and another man in a wheelchair is using a controller in his mouth to point to buttons on a computer screen.

Special thanks to volunteer musicians: Allison Werhle for piano, oboe; Andi Roselund (Sangwha Comm) for kalimba.

In memory of Sasha Lev, his smile and his love of music.

Contact Information
Shellie Lewis
Instagram: shellie_lewis_art